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  Ministry Of Transport Testing (MOT)
  • How much does the test cost?
    For Class 4 vehicles the test price is £40.00
    For Class 5 vehicles (13 - 16 passengers seats)  the test price is £59.55
    For Class 5 vehicles (16 +  passengers seats)  the test price is £80.65
    For Class 7 vehicles the test price is £50.00
  • How long does the test take?
    Please allow at least 30 minutes for each test.
  • What if my vehicle fails?
    If for any reason your vehicle does not pass the test, you will be offered a free retest after the subsequent work has been carried out, up to 7 days from the original test date.

An approved MOT test garage should have:

  •  A test bay and observation area housed in a weatherproof building. The building, although weatherproof, need not be draught free. It must be capable of being totally enclosed and provide a satisfactory working area. The test facilities must be reasonably free from oil contamination, exhaust fumes, noise or other pollution from adjacent work areas
  • Equipment laid out so that testing can be performed effectively. The equipment should be laid out and located so that the other activities of the garage will not affect the proper conduct of the test
  • An unobstructed, safe and easy access via metalled road from the site entrance to the building entrance, such that vehicles can enter and leave the site in a forward direction
  • Adequate off-road parking
  • Sufficient inspection facilities, including underside access, for any vehicle repair or servicing work
  • A clearly identified, warm and weatherproof public waiting area from which the whole test can be directly observed without interruption (except road testing) (room for two people seated is sufficient)
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